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vegan bamboo bar amsterdam

At Market 27 / metrostation ‘Noord’
Termini 27
Phone: 06-41874023


Mon-Tue 12:00 – 21:00
Thu-Sun 12:00 – 21:00

All vegan foodcourt restaurant located at metrostation ‘Noord’. Asian inspired bowls, burgers and more.

Back in business

Not the first location of Vegan Bamboo Bar, they had a restaurant before in Utrecht. But they started out just before covid happened, which was certainly not good for business, so Vegan Bamboo Bar closed again October 2020.

But entrepreneurs Yung Fu and Kwok Hung Yip didn’t give up. In June 2023 they opened as a modest restaurant in foodcourt Market 27, Amsterdam Noord.

The idea for Vegan Bamboo Bar arose after Yung Fu’s wife got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a rare disease. When the doctors said there was no further treatment possible, Yung and his wife researched medical literature for years and learned alot about the relationship between food and diseases. Eventually, due to a change in diet she was able to diminish her medical complaints by 90 percent.

This inspired Yung to quit his job in IT and together with his wife open up a food business, to offer healthy food to people and to share the knowledge they gathered. They partnered up with Kwok Hung Yip, owner of fastfood chain Wok To Go, which has many locations in the Netherlands.

vegan bamboo bar amsterdam

Health score

The main dishes on the menu are several Asian dishes (served with rice in a bowl) as well as various burgers. The Asian dishes are for example Indonesian Sweet Tempeh, Indian Madras Curry with ‘Chicken’ or Pumpkin Tofu Yellow Coconut Curry. They can also be combined as desired.

The burgers are made using meat alternatives (for the Beyond Meat Miso Sesame Burger for example) but they are planning to offer burgers with homemade whole foods patties as well. An additional main dish is a creamy pasta with mushroom, ‘ham’ and truffle oil.

Dessert options are three different cheesecake bars and various icecreams. For drinks they offer homemade iceteas and fruit shakes.

What makes their menu unique is that they rate the health score of every dish, in their case ranging from 5 (for the homemade iceteas) to a 9 (for the Pumpkin Tofu Yellow Coconut Curry). So less healthy options are still available for who wants, the choice is up to you. On their website there is additional info on vegan nutrition and even recommendations and links to documentaries like The Game Changers, What The Health and Cowspiracy. They are serious about it!


Vegan Bamboo Bar is located on the groundlevel of Market 27. There is seating inside the foodcourt, and several tables just outside as well. Easily accesible by metro from Central Station and beyond (last stop on Noord-Zuid lijn, station ‘Noord’). Also busstop nearby. This is also right next to shopping centre Buikslotermeerplein.

Their food is available for delivery, see website.


vegan bamboo bar amsterdam

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