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Crazy for croissants!

Nothing says weekend like a warm croissant from the oven. Available at several vegan-friendly places in town, but at most supermarkets as well. Here’s a list of those places:

Albert Heijn

vegan croissants

Recently the AH Basic Croissants became vegan. The croissant dough in a can ‘Danerolles Lactose-vrij’ is also vegan.

Dirk van den Broek

vegan croissants

The pre-baked croissants by Schoof are vegan. Besides at Dirk van den Broek you can also find them at Vomar and DekaMarkt.

vegan croissants

Also the canned croissant dough by Yves Bakery is vegan, available at Deen, Dekamarkt and Boni as well.


vegan croissants

At Jumbo supermarket, their store brand canned croissant dough is vegan.


Find this canned croissant dough by Belbake, in the fridge at the Lidl!


The canned croissant dough by Delicious Home is vegan, find it at Aldi.


The baked Desem, and Tarwe croissants at Ekoplaza are vegan.

Lunchrooms in town

At Dophert and Koffie ende Koeck they are offering the croissants made by Utrecht based A&J Bakery. The Meets Eatery also has a vegan croissant on the menu. A bit north of Amsterdam, Het Zaanse Bakkertje (really recommended to visit) also has vegan croissants, homemade of course!


For a list of all shops selling vegan croissants, have a look at the page of Vegan Wiki!

Tip: to make chocolate croissants, wrap up some dark chocolate in canned croissant dough and put it in the oven, delicious!

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