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8x vegan icecream in Amsterdam!

vegan icecream amsterdam

Vegan icecream is easily available these days. Icecream makers in Amsterdam are intentionally creating delicious vegan flavours and also supermarkets and other stores offer a range of brands. Even newspaper NRC is noticing a trend! So be on the lookout for the following icecream options.

Juicebrothers x Van Leeuwen

vegan icecream amsterdam

One of this summer’s highlights: the Van Leeuwen vegan icecream available at Juicebrothers. Lots of amazing flavours in that glass counter to choose from! With various toppings and vegan cones. In town and at Schiphol airport.

Massimo Ijsfabriek

vegan icecream amsterdam

Italian icecream maker Massimo at De Pijp also offers many vegan flavours, due to popular demand! Chocolate with caramalised pistachionuts icecream anyone?


vegan icecream amsterdam

Vegetarian buffet restaurant Spirit has lots of icecream as well. All flavours are vegan, like date-hazelnut or stroopwafel!

Professor Grunschnabel at various stores

Arguably the best vegan icecream available in stores. They stand out because their icecream is always packed with flavour and has interesting ingredient combinations, often using spices. Full range of flavours at nightshops Sterk and De Avondmarkt, some available at Albert Heijn and other stores.

Swedish Glace at Albert Heijn

vegan icecream amsterdam

Just a regular decent vanilla icecream, but cruelty-free, available at bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets.


vegan icecream amsterdam

Traditional and long existing Italian icecream parlor, also serves sandwiches and coffee. Got the ubiquitous sorbet flavours but, also vegan chocolate and ginger.

Bon Ice vegan ‘Magnum’ at Ekoplaza

That’s right like vegan magnums! Based on ricemilk with a chocolate coating. Apparently not available anymore at Ekoplaza this season but they will be back next year spring.


Oh and recently this popular icecream brand announced it will soon offer its vegan flavours to the Netherlands!


  1. Peter says:

    Don’t forget Awesome vegan milkshakes at The Dutch Weed Burger! they use amazing vegan ice cream from IJsmakers and Oatly oat milk I think… Yum!!!

  2. Molli says:

    I just want to say that person who doing research about vegan icecream is the best!
    Thank you for your hard work!

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