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Vegan pie everywhere!

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Say you want to celebrate so vegan pie is asked for! But where do you go? While there used to be only a handful of places (restaurants) which would offer it, these days it seems like no new cool coffeeplace can do without offering some vegan sweet stuff. Great! This is a list of all places which are currently offering vegan pie. And we’re talking ’bout the real stuff, no ‘raw energy balls’ or granola bars, please! 


Koffie ende Koeck

Vegan lunchroom/bakery specialised in cakes! They also do a vegan high tea. One of our most favourite places in town, right next to Westerpark.


Vegan lunchroom and more (also breakfast and a few nights a week dinner) with a great menu and various homemade vegan cakes, donuts etc. At Spaarndammerbuurt.


Vegetarian buffet restaurant with plenty of quality homemade vegan pies to choose from, both in the buffet as well as in the pie fridge near the counter. At Czaar Peterstraat.


Vegan grocery shop and lunchroom in the centre. Sells homemade pies, brownie bij Lariekoek as well as donuts and cakes made by the magnificent Nono Cakes.

De Bolhoed

Always a different selection of mostly vegan pies at this cozy vegetarian restaurant, beautifully located at the Prinsengracht. One of the oldest vegetarian places in Amsterdam.

Other options

Several locations in town

Bagels & Beans
Bagel cafe with more than 20 locations in town. They have a vegan pecan pie on the menu.
Coffee Company
City-wide coffee chain. They serve vegan cheesecake from Daiya at locations Javaplein, Middenweg, Rijnstraat and Wibautstraat, raw cakes by SUE at some other locations.
At various Ekoplaza organic stores, raw cake by Lady Fruitcake!
Vegan-friendly lunchroom Lavinia has a vegan chocolate brownie on the menu as well as various raw cakes by SUE’s. Locations at Kerkstraat / Amstelveenseweg.
Both locations (Bilderdijkstraat / De Pijp) of Mastino have raw cakes by Sharp Sharp, Mastino V also stuff by Nono Cakes.
Salad restaurant with several vegan cake options. Seven locations in town.
The Cold Pressed Juicery
Juice bar with multiple locations, has raw cakes by SUE.

City centre

Music store at Utrechtsestraat with small cafe inside. Serves a vegan brownie.
Conscious Club
Yoga/meditation centre at Lauriergracht, the café has vegan raw pie on the menu.
Esprit Cafe / Jackson Dubois
During the day Esprit Cafe, at night it’s called Jackson Dubois. Special vegan section on the menu, including a raw cheesecake. Located at Spui.
Klimhal CS
Climbing gym near Central Station, cafe serves vegan cake by Plants Gone Wild.
Very vegan-friendly restaurant/cultural institute near Central Station. Has a vegan cake on the menu.
Lifestyle store with lunchroom at Negen Straatjes. Raw chocolate avocado cake and vegan blondie on the menu.
Small vegan place close to Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, offering some vegan cakes.
Van Ness Cupcake
Cupcake store at Rozengracht, has three vegan ones on the menu.

Amsterdam Noord

Café De Ceuvel
Sustainable hotspot at Amsterdam Noord. They have vegan raw cakes from SharpSharp.

Amsterdam West

Alchemist Garden
Raw food restaurant at Overtoom with a raw pie option.
Amsterdam Cupcake Company
Bakery at De Baarsjes with vegan (and glutenfree as well) cupcake and pie options.
De Bakkerswinkel
Bakery cafe with three locations in town. The one at Westergasterrein has a vegan apple-abricot-pear tart on the menu.
Coffee place at Spaarndammerstraat, stuff by Nono Cakes.
Day Made
Coffee place / gallery at Jan van Galenstraat, also cakes by Nono Cakes!
Dutch Weed Burger Joint
Vegan fastfood place close to Kinkerstraat. Has several sweet options including ‘tompouce’, donuts and a fudge brownie which is to die for!
Fruittuin van West
Organic orchard with farm shop and small cafe. Always a vegan pie on the menu. On the western edge of the city.
Loving Hut
No nonsense vegan place in Bos en Lommer with always vegan pie on the menu.
Meatless District
At vegan restaurant Meatless District (Bilderdijkstraat) they offer vegan pies from Dophert!
OKO Cultural Melting Point
Multicultural creative hangout/restaurant at Bos en Lommer. Vegetarian/vegan food, vegan brownie on their menu.
Raw Betty
Betty makes vegan raw cakes and other stuff. Usually on Saturdays at Mercator market or Ten Kate market, check her Facebook for more info!
No refined sugars are being used in the kitchen of this lunchroom. Also vegan options including pie. At Bilderdijkstraat.
T’s Teabar
Loose leaf tea, coffee and raw cakes by SharpSharp at this tearoom at Jan Evertsenstraat.
Wijs West
Store/lunchroom for kids and their parents, at Bilderdijkstraat. Raw cake by SUE on the menu.


Spacing out on this tompouce and chocolate fudge brownie, at The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Amsterdam Oost

Beter & Leuk
Vegetarian lunchroom close to Wibautstraat with vegan carrot cake, brownie and even more vegan options if you want to order pie.
Club Koffie
Lunchroom at Transvaalbuurt, famous for its club sandwiches. Also vegan options, including cake by Nono Cakes.
De Glutenvrije Winkel
Glutenfree store/lunchroom at Indische buurt, offers raw cakes by Holynut.
Majesteit Taart
Bakery at Javastraat which always has a (glutenfree) vegan option, more vegan stuff available on order.
Met Zonder
Vegan and glutenfree bakery located at Zeeburg, also Wednesday – Friday at ZuiderMRKT.
Mr. & Mrs. Watson
Vegan restaurant close to shopping centre Oostpoort, offering apple pie, brownie and an always changing raw pie.

Amsterdam Zuid / De Pijp

Coffee place next to Vondelpark, has cakes and donuts from Nono Cakes.
De Aanzet
Great independent organic store at De Pijp, offers raw cakes by Holynut.
Het Paardje
Bar/ bistro at Gerard Douplein, cakes by Nono Cakes.
Small vegan place at De Pijp, offering donuts and pie made by Nono Cakes.
Organic Food For You
Organic store at Amsterdam Zuid, offers raw cakes by Holynut.
The Meets
Vegan-friendly restaurant at Ferdinand Bolstraat with vegan tarts and cakes.
Vegetarian Middle-Eastern restaurant with hummus and more, Stadionbuurt. Always a vegan cake.
Zest for Life
Raw food café close to Museumplein with some raw vegan pie and cake on the menu.


Special mention

Zaanse Bakkertje
Bakery with LOTS of vegan cookies, pastries, pies, bread. Not located in Amsterdam itself but just a 20 minute trainride away, north of town.
Vegan High
“Where can I get vegan spacecake?” One of the most asked questions by vegan visitors of Amsterdam. Vegan High makes space brownies and other stuff, available on order only.
Mumu to the Moon
Specialised vegan chocolate store at De Pijp. Doesn’t necessarily has vegan cake but lots of homemade chocolate based sweet stuff!


Old-fashioned Dutch treats made vegan at Het Zaanse Bakkertje


On order only

Mostly vegan bakery with many many options!
Cakes & Happiness
Raw vegan cakes and other treats.
Ginalicious Bakery
Vegan bakery with various options, available on order.
General vegan catering including pies, cupcakes etc.
Nana Vera
Home bakery at De Pijp with vegan options on order: cake, chocolate truffles, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.
Plants Gone Wild
Beautiful cakes and others sweets at this vegan business. Also gluten- and sugarfree options.
Rose’s Treats
Vegan cakes and other treats.
Shanti Foods
Vegan raw food catering, including patisserie.
Baker Willemijn is vegan herself, almost all of her cakes and sweets (which is a lot!) can be ordered vegan.

Do you know a place which offers vegan pie but is not mentioned? Please let us know in the comments!

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