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Vegan Surinamese at Amsterdamse Poort!

mixed flavour

Many Surinamese restaurants in Amsterdam are vegan-friendly, you can find dishes like vegan roti, petjil, bara, bakabana, broodje tempeh and more. But newly opened take-away restaurant Mixed Flavour really has a significant amount of it, half of their menu is vegan! They were already doing some take-away and delivery for a while, but last month they opened at shopping centre Amsterdamse Poort (Zuid-Oost). They will be there until spring as this is a temporary location.

mixed flavour
Everything pictured is vegan!

Melting pot

Mixed Flavour started by Jill Chin, after she finished culinary school and cooked in the catering business for a while. It is her ode to the Surinamese kitchen, which is a melting pot of flavours and cuisines, hence the name. The dishes are still based on the food her grandmother used to make, but with a contemporary twist by putting a lot of Surinamese vegan items on the menu. You can find vegan meals like bami plate, bulgur moksi alesi or roti, but also soup, sandwiches with pom or vegan curry chicken, and snacks like saté or telo tempeh.

Mixed Flavour is located at shopping centre Amsterdamse Poort, within walking distance of metro Bijlmer Arena. They also do delivery up to 6 km.

Mixed Flavour
Bijlmerplein 89B
Phone: 06 – 81558772


Mon-Sat 11:00 – 21:00
Sun 13:00 – 20:30

mixed flavour

mixed flavour

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