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A giant vegan section at Jumbo Stadhouderskade!


vegan jumbo amsterdam

This Jumbo supermarket closed end 2023.

More and more specific vegan products are entering the supermarkets in the last few years. What’s new now is that some supermarkets are even creating whole vegan sections in their store. Jumbo supermarkets especially are active in this, with their store at the Stadhouderskade being the prime example. They have as many special vegan products in their store as some of the 100% vegan grocery stores I’ve visited in my life!

Increasing demand

With more people being interested in consuming less animal products (for various reasons), vegan products are definately a growth market, and no wonder manufacturers and supermarkets are responding to this. A Jumbo store in Groningen was the first one to dedicate a supermarket section of a few meters long to just vegan products.

The Jumbo Stadhouderskade already had a great choice in vegan meat alternatives, a 100% vegan freezer with pizza, icecream etc., quite some vegan cheese and also freshly made vegan pizzas. But now they reserved even more space in the fridges and also created this giant vegan dry goods section! Liquid smoke, worcestershire sauce, whipped cream, candy, sauces, just to name a few. 👇


vegan Jumbo Amsterdam
Everything you see in this picture is vegan!


Nutritional yeast flakes, a standard food in every vegan’s kitchen cupboard and now available in a common supermarket.


Also a giant vegan section in the fridges. Vegan cheese from a LOT of different brands…


vegan Jumbo Amsterdam
… and fondue cheese and cream cheese as well.


vegan Jumbo Amsterdam
Various sauces

And then there are of course still the already existing sections: vegan meat alternatives, fresh pizza and a freezer with pizza and icecream. This store is worth a detour for sure!

Jumbo Stadhouderskade
Stadhouderskade 93


Mon-Sat 08:00 – 22:00
Sun 10:00 – 22:00

vegan Jumbo Amsterdam

vegan Jumbo Amsterdam

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