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Kostverlorenhof 16
Winkelcentrum Kostverlorenhof, Amstelveen
Phone: 020-4459930


Mon-Fri 08:00 – 15:00

Very vegan-friendly sandwich shop in Amstelveen. 25 different vegan sandwiches, various pastry, salads and more. Mostly take-out.

Serious vegan options

Honestly, there are few places in Amsterdam offering interesting vegan sandwiches. If you don’t count all the hummus sandwiches (the effort is appreciated though) there is not that much left! There’s one business which understands what it’s about though: at sandwich shop Vers van Gijs they are offering no less than 25 different vegan broodjes, with quality fillings and at good prices. They are located in Amstelveen however, probably why you didn’t hear about them before!

Shifting to plantbased

There are not fully vegan though, but almost half of their menu is! Owner Gijs Ruurs is vegan himself, so that’s why the vegan options at this place are taken very seriously, and are also on the very top of the menu. Vers van Gijs exists already since the year 2000, originally as a deli / cheese shop. Gradually they started offering sandwiches as well but mostly meat and cheese. About two years ago they putted these vegan sandwiches on the menu.

The vegan options are appreciated by their customers and many people are coming especially for them. In recent years their focus shifted from animal products to plantbased food. In fact their ambition is to become fully vegan sometime in the future!

vers van gijs vegan

Vegan chicken teriyaki

Some examples of the vegan options are ‘tuna’ salad, Camembert, grilled sausage, ‘chicken’ with peanut sauce, beetroot carpaccio etc.! You can find the full menu here. A pistolet is the default bun they use but you can have it also on ciabatta, glutenfree bread and more.

They are offering also various vegan pastry options: brownie, banana cake, croissant, chocolate chip cookie, muffins and petit four! Next to this they are also selling some salads, their homemade vegan sauces and whole vegan cheeses by Mr. & Mrs. Watson.


They also do delivery and catering, which is their main focus. No seating here, but they have a few standing tables. They are located inside a shopping centre in Amstelveen Noord (basically if you’re at Parnassusweg continue going south for a good while haha). Tram 5 and 25 also stop nearby.


vers van gijs vegan

vers van gijs vegan

vers van gijs vegan

vers van gijs vegan

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