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vleesch noch visch

Schaepmanstraat 2
Phone: 020-2237590


Mon – Sun 12:00 – 22:00

Payment by card only.

Kiosk at Staatsliedenbuurt, serving vegetarian streetfood. Small terrace with some (outdoor) seating.

Known for many years by their presence at various festivals, acclaimed vegetarian foodtruck Vleesch Noch Visch got a permanent spot in the Staatsliedenbuurt in 2015. Since then, they have proven themselves as one of the nicest foodkiosks in the west of Amsterdam.

Food is available to take away, or to eat at one of the benches at the beautifully decorated spot. The Greek flavoured Pita Gyros is their signature dish, but they’ve put two other options at the menu as well. The Pita Gado is inspired by the Indonesian cuisine, Pita Masala for those who like Indian food. Pita Gado is vegan by default, the others can be prepared vegan.

Also fries, salads and soup on the menu. And vegan apple-pie from Willem-Pie.

Vleesch noch Visch is located just off Van Hallstraat. Close to Jordaan and Westerpark, bus and tram stops nearby.


vleesch noch visch

vleesch noch visch


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