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Yemayá: new vegan Surinamese restaurant!

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Opened just last month, Yemayá is the first vegan restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost! Started by brothers Martin and Merrel and Merrel’s wife Sharon, who all have a Surinamese background. Martin and Merrel have a business in home furnishings but for a while were dreaming of taking a new step where they could benefit the community more. When a real estate agent contacted them and offered a good deal on an empty store space, it was like it had meant to be. They started to make plans for real.

Martin tells me he has been vegan for about 20 years, and felt a growing urge to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Opening up a vegan restaurant for the local community is for them the first step in making a difference. Martin:”We want to show people that eating vegan is also possible, you don’t always need to eat meat.”

They offer traditional Surinamese dishes, but prepared vegan, and as healthy as possible. Their regular menu features various stuffed pita’s, but also soups, grill dishes, smoothies and sweet dishes. Next to the regular menu they also offer an always changing dish of the day, available for take-away in the evening.


The name Yemayá comes from the African-Caribbean goddess of the sea, and is a symbol of connectedness. They want to empower the community and in the long-term have plans to broaden the scope of activities of Yemayá to selling farm boxes, sustainable non-food products etc.

Yemayá is located at shoppingcentrum Reigersbos at Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Metrostop Reigersbos is at walking distance.

Please note: due to the corona situation, at the moment Yemayá is open just for take-away.

Reigersbos 3a
Phone: 06-87618106


Tue-Fri 09:30 – 19:00
Sat 09:30 – 17:00


yemaya amsterdam yemaya amsterdam yemaya amsterdam

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  1. Ik heb op donderdag 14 mei toen ik hoorde over een vegan restaurant gelijk een bestelling geplaatst en kon deze met 15 minuten ophalen. Bij thuiskomst heerlijk gesmuld van mijn saoto en als toetje had ik heerlijke pannenkoeken daar heb ik twee dagen over gedaan,twee dagen feest in mijn mond. Ik ga zeker terug en heb al aan aantal mensen verteld over een top locatie en fijne bediening. 🌻🌼🌹👍

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