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yoghurt barn

Stationsplein 17b (next to entrance IJ Passage)
Phone: 020-2362531
Mon-Fri 07:30 – 15:00

Bellamyplein 51 (inside Foodhallen)
Phone: 020-2362531
Mon-Sun 12:00 – 22:00


Yoghurt place / lunchroom which went fully plant-based. Frozen yoghurt, coffee, pastries, sandwiches etc. Two locations in Amsterdam.

Just as delicious

Yoghurt Barn (also known as YB) started in 2012, initially offering frozen yoghurt and other dairy based foods. They have locations in various cities in the Netherlands. Kind of like a casual place to meet or have lunch. Some years ago they expressed their ambition to become fully plant-based, due to the negative effect of dairy products on the planet. Slowly but surely they replaced the dairy with vegan options, and made the final switch October 2022. They want to show that plant-based food can be just as delicious, or even more delicious!

yoghurt barn

Vegan frozen yoghurt

The menu offers lots of variety. You can compose your own bowl choosing from different yoghurts, overnight oats, chia pudding or frozen yoghurt, with various toppings and syrups to choose from. Other food options include wraps, salads and sandwiches. Not too forget different types of pastries, for example chocolate pie, red velvet cake, brownie, lemon poppyseed muffin, blueberry cake and much more!

On the drinks menu there are extravagant coffees / hot chocolatemilks: with whipped cream and additional toppings. Also a hot chocolate made of white chocolate! And of course more tea, coffee (lots of different milks to choose from), sodas, juices and smoothies (made using soy quark or chia seed).

Covenient for travellers

Covenient option for travellers arriving in Amsterdam, you can find them inside Central Station. Here they are located in the hallway facing the city centre, just next to the entrance of the IJ Passage. Some seating inside. Just open during weekdays.

In the Foodhallen you’ll find them right next to the entrance/exit. Open every day until late.


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