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De Wittenstraat 100
Phone: 020-6880127


Open: Wednesday  18:00-20:00 (vegan)
Thursday-Friday 18:00 (vegetarian)

Cultural centre at the Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam West. Features a people’s kitchen a few days a week, which is vegan every Wednesday. Three course dinner prepared by volunteers for a modest price.

Notorious past

Zaal 100 has a long history. It started as a squat in 1984, during a time when many buildings in the Staatsliedenbuurt neighbourhood and the rest of Amsterdam got squatted. The building (called Witte Reus, after the name of the street) housed many artists and theater people, and together they realised a small stage/theater on the ground floor were people could perform, and named it Zaal 100, after the house number.

These days Zaal 100 still is a space for small acts, and stays true to its anarchistic origins: no events related to religion or parliamentary politics.

zaal 100


The people’s kitchen at Zaal 100 offers an opportunity for people to meet eachother and enjoy healthy food, and the modest price makes it accessible for everyone. On Wednesdays it’s always organic and vegan, prepared partially by the same people who cook also at Robin Food. Three courses for €9,50, allow yourself to be surprised! Reservation is recommended (call the same day after 14:00). Drinks are available at the bar in the hallway.

Oh and if you’re interested in volunteering, check here.

Zaal 100 is located close to Westerpark and Haarlemmerplein, tram 5 stops just around the corner.

zaal 100

zaal 100

zaal 100

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